Residential solar panels and inverters

When you select a SunPower® solar energy system for your home you get more than the most powerful residential solar panels on the planet. SunPower offers an extensive portfolio of solar products and services to meet your energy needs. Because SunPower controls the entire manufacturing process, we can ensure that the highest quality, best-looking solar panels reach your rooftop and produce the most energy for years to come.

A SunPower system also comes with our 25-year warranty, so you get the peace of mind of knowing an established and proven company will be with you every step of the way. From our manufacturing to installation by our best-in-class Partner network, SunPower delivers the most reliable and most efficient clean solar energy.

  • Solar modules with high efficiency

    Solar panels for homes

    It’s a fact: Residential solar panels from SunPower produce the most energy of all solar panels on the market. Because SunPower home solar panels are so efficient, you can make the most of your roof space to produce significantly more electricity.

  • Buying a photovoltaic system for your business

    SunPower® rooftop solar solutions

    Commercial rooftops are prime real estate for solar. They provide the opportunity to turn unused space into an energy-producing, revenue-generating asset.

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Perth Zoo, Australia


SunPower harnesses sustainable energy for Perth Zoo

As one of five iconic installations in the Perth Solar City program,Perth Zoo received both State and Federal Government funding to pursue one of its sustainability objectives.   More >

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