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SunPower United Kingdom

SunPower provides high-efficiency solar panels in the United Kingdom. Discover why SunPower is the world's standard for solar energy companies.

SunPower solar panel products

Solar Panel Products

SunPower's comprehensive panel portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to address all of your energy needs.

SunPower Maxeon solar panel

SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels

Our record-setting Maxeon® technology ensures that you have the very best solar for your home or business.

SunPower Performance panel

SunPower Performance Solar Panels

SunPower® Performance solar panels deliver panels that surpass the performance, reliability and aesthetics of Conventional Panels1Definition of “Conventional Panel” is a 310W panel, 16% efficient, approx. 1.94 m2, made with Conventional Cells. Conventional Cells are silicon cells that have many thin metal lines on the front and interconnect ribbons soldered along the front and back..

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Solar Panels Business

High-efficiency solar panels for businesses globally. Discover why SunPower has the most reliable and durable solar panels for your business.

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Find an Installer

Our network of solar installers in the United Kingdom have installed thousands of solar energy systems throughout the country.

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