Declare Your Independence

Your business shouldn’t be at the mercy of the next electricity bill. SunPower® can help you cut operating costs and take a giant step towards energy independence. It’s time to take back control.

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Proven Energy Solution

We have combined SunPower® high-performance solar panels with expert installers, and a 25-year combined power and product warranty.

It's no wonder that we have over 13 million solar panels installed across the globe, in almost every type of climate imaginable.

SunPower is a leader in small business solar energy solutions
SunPower has a nationwide network of certified solar installers

The Right People, the Right Job

It’s not just what you do—it’s who you know. To ensure that your project runs smoothly, we have assembled a large network of trained, certified solar installers. In fact, we’re the only solar panel manufacturer with a technical training program accredited by ISPQ—an international standard that helps ensure consistency and quality throughout the training process.

Savings Made Simple

Savings Made Simple

Step 1 - Consultation & Proposal

Your local SunPower partner develops a customised SunPower proposal.

Step 2 - Installation

A SunPower-certified installation contractor handles a lot of aspects of installation including permits, incentives, testing and connection.

Step 3 - Activation

Start saving on your energy bills.


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