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We believe in the promise of the sun to power communities in the UK.
The UK is leading the revolution in solar energy, ranking 1st in Europe in 2014 for installed capacity, 64% of which involved large-scale PV plants*.

Whether you are aiming to develop or own and operate a power plant, make a profitable investment or finance de-risked green projects, SunPower delivers the diversified experience required to customise an energy solution that will meet your goals.

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  • *. source SolarPower Europe

The Montalto di Castro 84 MWdc solar power plant developed, built and maintained by SunPower was, upon its completion in December 2010, the largest generating power plant in the world. Since its connection to the grid, it has produced clean, renewable energy, above expectations, for the needs of 40,000 families.


The Bavaria Solarpark—the world's largest solar photovoltaic power installation when it was built—was nothing more than an idea in 2004. DSF chose to partner with SunPower due to the competitive advantages of the SunPower® Tracker, including significantly more energy production than fixed-tilt solar systems, low-maintenance, single-axis tracking with few moving parts and guaranteed system performance for 10 years.


For nearly ten years now, SunPower has been leading the solar revolution in Europe. As a pioneer in the field, we have developed, built and managed some of the largest solar projects in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and other European countries. Our experience, policy leadership and history of innovation have made SunPower a trusted partner in solar for many of the major solar players in Europe.

Solar Star

The co-located Solar Star Projects, completed in the spring of 2015, are one of the world’s largest PV installations to date. SunPower developed, designed and is constructing the ground-breaking power plant for BHE, a subsidiary of BHE Renewables. The Solar Star Projects produce enough electricity to power approximately 255,000 homes.

SunPower is one of the most integrated companies in the industry. By controlling our value chain, we eliminate unnecessary delays and ensure the timely completion of projects. Our integrated approach further ensures that projects stay on budget as we maintain direct control of both component- and system-level costs.